Rafiki Cai

Technology without Values is power gone astray

Veteran technologist who has served from Capitol Hill, to Silicon Valley to the Ivory Tower. Always dedicated to technology lifting the ‘least of these’.

Organizations I’m Currently Serving

Friends Of The Congo (CTO)

Leading the Digital Initiative to rescue Child Miners from the cobalt and coltan mines of the Democratic Republic of The Congo.

St. Charles Parish Housing Authority

Advising the executive director and board of directors on the design and implementation of digital empowerment programs for the agency’s two hundred plus households.

My current interests include Voice and AI, Data Science, Machine Learning and of course cryptographic currency.

If you’re not paying attention to blockchain and it’s sprawling implementations, you are making a big mistake.

Why am I doing such work? Because it is critically important that youth who look like me, and who come from backgrounds like mine, are exposed to the rarified spaces of technology.

How can they steward and shape the world tomorrow, if the very reins of digital power are foreign to them. They must be aware of and comfortable within these important spheres.

Current Partnerships and Projects

Parlance Corporation

Working with the CEO to craft an internship that exposes minority and emerging nation youth to the worlds of Voice and AI, Machine Learning and Data Science .


Working with CEO and founders to build a curriculum that exposes youth to the career path of Data Science and affords them a strong foundation for envisioning such a profession choice for themselves.

Yes, I’m A Dad

of one daughter, Cai Andrai. (No it’s not a long story at all. I chose to do a reverse of an Ethiopian naming tradition and take my daughter’s name as my surname. She was the girl that I prayed so fervently for I felt it to be apropos.)

Cai (or Cai-Cai as she’s affectionately known) is a chefpreneur, pursuing her love of cuisine; with a spirit for staying on the hustle (Which I’d like to believe she got per the example of both of her parents.)

And A Padrino

Padrino is ‘godfather’ in Spanish. I know the blessing of having two young ladies, whom I’ve watched grow from the womb and young age, embrace me as Padrino. That second chance to stand in a semi-father role has been a balm for me, helping to heal pains from having fallen short in my rst call to parenthood.

Ashley L. Jackson, an alum of Spelman College (Atlanta) is an accomplished actress and aspiring showrunner in Hollywood. Joy Griggs, an alum of Westwood College (Chicago) has her eye on a career in IT, while also pursuing her creative writing passion.

Forces That Have Enriched My Life

Alpha Phi Alpha


God Has Many Names (Book)

The Price Sisters (Family)

The Prophet (Book)

Mi Gemela (Linda Freeman)

Things That Matter To Me

The Game of Chess

Mi Tia (Judith Doss)

Upward Bound (TRIO)

Phylis Hyman (Music)