Would Not Even Be Allowed A Security Clearance

Attribution: This post was inspired by the comments of former Republican Congressman from Florida David Jolly (made on Friday 4 April, 2020).

We are all getting a lot of time to think, particularly about how the hell we ended up in this hot mess we’re in. If you’re like me you’re stepping back, to take an analytical look and ask some questions; that perhaps should’ve been asked a long time ago.

Here’s one: how does some one who’s not even deserving of a security clearance get to run for president in the very first place. It would appear that this a broken and backward point in our electoral system. You grant some one clearance within a process, that had he not won an election he would not even be granted? Huh? Should not disqualifying person not even be allowed to compete in the first place.

How does that even sound. We’re being led by a person, that were he not already in the office he would not qualify for security clearance from the process that he’s now in charge of.