Kansas Lawmakers Make Crazy

What’s Wrong With Kansas (Again)?

The governor of Kansas, Laura Kelly (D), did what a vast number of other governors have done in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. She issued an order prohibiting gatherings of more than ten persons, which included religious gatherings of any sort. Reasonable enough, yes?

The state’s Republican legislative majority did not at all think so. They went to the pains of actually overturning the governor’s order; feigning that it was in some way repressive of Christian religious expression. The order had in no way singled out any particular faith or belief system. It’s focus was simply public health.

The governor, not to be deterred in fulfilling her responsibility to keep Kansans safe, sued the legislator; with the case immediately going straight before the state’s supreme court. The supreme court, with Easter Sunday fast approaching, convened on this past Saturday morning to hear oral arguments and also issued a ruling the very same day. The court, for the first time in it’s history, heard the arguments exclusively by video conference.

Responding to the court’s ruling, the top Republican leadership in the legislator fumed that the governor’s decision to go to court has created uncertainty during a time of crisis. The held forth their primary contention being, that not heeding the governor’s order could result in actual arrest. “We think that goes too far” the Republicans said.

A particular pastor, in Junction City, Kansas said that he felt the governor’s order were still unconstitutional and this congregation would be proceeding with services. “I hope and pray our local LE (law enforcement will respect the constitution” he stated.